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Learning Zone

Unlock the secrets of cybersecurity in our Learning Zone, where knowledge meets innovation. Dive into our Education Module and explore a wealth of interactive lessons, expert insights, and real-world examples. Master the fundamentals and advanced concepts, setting the foundation for your secure digital journey.

Learning Module

Chart your course to expertise with our Learning Module. Tailored to your skill level, our guided Learning Paths provide a step-by-step roadmap to mastery. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, follow our curated paths, acquire specialized skills, and emerge as a cybersecurity champion

Hardening Zone

Dive into the world of cybersecurity resilience with our exclusive "Hardening Zone" module. 🚀 In this specialized training, we focus on fortifying your Linux environment, web servers, FTP, and more. Are you ready to transform into a cybersecurity guardian?

Cyber Labs

Dive deep into the heart of cybersecurity challenges in our Cyber Labs. Put your knowledge to the test in realistic, hands-on environments. Encounter various cyber threats, solve intricate puzzles, and develop practical skills that are essential for safeguarding digital assets. Explore, learn, and conquer the virtual battlegrounds

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At, we are pioneers in cybersecurity education, dedicated to equipping individuals and businesses with the expertise to stay one step ahead of digital threats. With a focus on accessibility and practicality, our platform offers a diverse range of learning opportunities. From our interactive Education Module in the Learning Zone to personalized Learning Paths, we cater to beginners and professionals alike, guiding them towards cybersecurity mastery.

What truly sets us apart is our hands-on approach. Through our Live Attack Simulator, Defend Yourself against real-time threats, and dive deep into intricate challenges in our Scenarios Online Security Labs. Our mission is to not only impart knowledge but also provide an immersive, dynamic learning experience. Join us on this transformative journey, where education meets innovation, and together, let's create a safer digital future.

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Awesome Pricing Plan


$ 00.00 Per Month


Free access to educational content available to the community.

Basic access to hands-on labs for learning and practical experience.

Learn about essential security hardening techniques.

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$ 14.99 Per Month


Includes all Community Materials

Unlock access to the complete library of learning materials.

Access more in-depth and advanced security hardening modules.

Full access to a wide range of hands-on labs and practical exercises.

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$ -.00 Per Month


Full and unrestricted access to all available enterprise labs.

Tailor learning paths based on organizational needs.

Track and analyze user progress and performance.

Comprehensive hardening modules for enterprise-level security.

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What our Client Say

Discover the impact of our cybersecurity education firsthand. Explore what our clients have to say about their transformative learning experiences. From professionals to enthusiasts, hear diverse voices that highlight the effectiveness of our courses and the value they bring to their digital lives. Join the ranks of satisfied learners who have empowered themselves through our comprehensive education.

For cybersecurity experts, Cyber Exam offers invaluable technical labs that can help enhance skills from scratch to advanced levels. These labs not only contribute to advancing careers but also sharpen the skills of senior cybersecurity professionals. Cyber Exam is an indispensable resource for a successful cybersecurity career.


Alperen Uğurlu

Cybersecurity Enthusiast

I successfully passed the TSE exam with ease, thanks to the laboratories offered by the CyberPath platform. These laboratories provided a unique perspective on the red team aspect, enhancing my ability to think more deeply and divergently.

I would recommend it to anyone working in the industry or just starting out.


Furkan Eren TETİK

IT Security Professional

When I examined the vulnerable labs on the platform, there is a lot of labs prepared for improving bug bounty hunters and CVE researchers so the platform was actually prepared for those who want to learn hacking methods directly in real-world scenarios. I appreciate that they aim to think like a real hackers mindset with these vulnerable labs.



Ethical Hacker

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